Galleries and Museum Gift Shops Showing the Work of Silversmith Bruce Moffitt

Galleries, 2016

At the present, the work of Bruce Moffitt is being exhibited in six of the top galleries and museum gift shops in New Mexico.

Corrales Bosque Gallery

The gem of the Corrales art and gallery scene is the Corrales Bosque Gallery. It is an artist owned and artist run gallery in the Maya Shopping Center in central Corrales. The Gallery features jewelry, clay, fiber, glass, mixed media, paintings, sculpture and photography by the members and associates of the gallery. The Corrales Bosque Gallery was founded in 1994 by local artists and since its inception has become a focal point for the local artistic community. The Gallery has a good selection of the work of Silversmith Bruce Moffitt.

Corrales Bosque Gallery
4685 Corrales Rd.
Corrales, NM
Phone: 505 898-7203


Click here for the Corrales Bosque Gallery website

Genuine Southwest Art and Gifts

This exciting new gallery is in Albuquerque's Old Town in the Plaza Hacienda just to the East of the famous Hacienda Restaurant which is on the east side of the Old Town Plaza. Genuine Southwest Gallery features art, jewelry and southwestern gift items by many local artists including works by the owners: Valerie Isenhower and Charlene Kalbfell. Recent works by artist Donna Loraine Contractor and silversmith Bruce Moffitt are also featured. In all, more than 1200 handmade creations by some of New Mexico's finest artists and artisans are displayed for your shopping and gift giving pleasure.

Genuine Southwest Art & Gifts Gallery
1919 Old Town Road NW
Albuquerque, NM
Phone: 505 243-1410


Click here for the Genuine Southwest Gallery website

Fuller Lodge Art Center, Los Alamos, NM

High in the Jemez Mountains to the west of Santa Fe, the Fuller Lodge was designed by famed architect John Gaw Meem and was built in 1928 as one of the main structures at the Los Alamos Ranch School. The area was taken over by the government in the early 1940's and was a major focal point of the top secret Manhattan Project that built the atomic bomb during World War II. The Fuller Lodge is now a community center and houses the Art Center Gallery Shop which features paintings, photography and jewelry by some of the top artists in New Mexico. It has some beautiful gardens, walks and plantings. The Gallery also has an extensive selection of work by silversmith Bruce Moffitt. If you are ever in Los Alamos, do drop by the Fuller Lodge Gallery for a look around.

Fuller Lodge Art Center
2132 Central Ave.
Los Alamos, NM 87544
505 662-9331
Click here for the Fuller Lodge Art Center Website

Gifted Hands Gallery, Madrid, NM

Madrid, New Mexico is an interesting stop on Highway 14, the "Turquoise Trail". The Turquoise Trail is the scenic route from Albuquerque to Santa Fe, much beloved by touring motorcyclists, photographers, and any lover of open space and interesting things. The Turquoise Trail starts out north from the Cedar Crest/Tijeras turnoff on Interstate 40 about six miles east of Albuquerque. Madrid, which is about 15 miles north of Cedar Crest, is an historic old coal mining town and a very busy artist and Gallery colony. In Madrid, the Gifted Hands Gallery is on the west side of the road, just north of the iconic "Mine Shack Bar and Grill". The Gifted Hands Gallery, run by the charming Catasha, features Bruce Moffitt's work along with other outstanding local and regional artists.

Gifted Hands Gallery
2851 Highway 14, Madrid, NM 87010
505 471-5943

Lorreen's International Emporium, Santa Fe, NM

In Santa Fe, on the east side of Galisteo Street just south of the Plaza, is Lorreen's International Emporium. Lorreen has a good collection of Bruce Moffitt's jewelry, along with works by other local artisans and native New Mexican jewelry from Santa Domingo Pueblo. Lorreen also has an amazing and eclectic selection of costume, glitter, pop and high modern jewelry. Lorreen's is a great place to pick up an interesting blouse or skirt, or an flashy accessory to go with your new piece of jewelry. Lorreen's is right in the middle of the Santa Fe action, and a great place for a creative browse when you happen to be in Santa Fe.

213 Galisteo Street, Santa Fe, NM 87501
505 983-2800

Taos Art Museum and Fechin House

In Taos, New Mexico, the Taos Art Gallery is located in the Nicolai Fechin House at 227 Paseo del Pueblo Norte, on the east side of the street a short walk north of the plaza. The Fechin House is an extremely interesting example of early Taos architecture and houses an impressive collection of paintings by the masters of the Taos Society of Artists. This group was active from 1898 through the 1930's and laid the foundation for Taos to become the great art center it is today.

The gift shop is located in Nicolai Fechin's studio, and presents treasures that relate to the collection, from Russian Icons to art prints and reproductions. It also has related books and exceptional jewelry crafted by artists from Taos and Northern New Mexico, including works by silversmith Bruce Moffitt.

Taos Art Museum and Fechin House
227 Paseo del Pueblo Norte
Taos, New Mexico 87571
575 758-2690 Ext. 206
Click here for the Taos Art Museum,

Bolo Tie
Riccolite, from Grant County, NM
Bruce Moffitt

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