Silversmith Bruce Moffitt presents Men's Jewelry.

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Men's Jewelry.

This is a section especially devoted to men. These pieces feature heavy gauge silver, and large stones, including Turquoise, Tigereye, Riccolite and Lapis Lazuli. There are also Boar's Tusks from Papua New Guinea and the occasional Shark's Tooth.

If you have an idea for a piece of men's jewelry that you would like to explore, and that you don't see here, check out our "Custom Work" section.

harley davidson jewelry turquoise

To discuss a piece, or for more information, call us at 505 286-4156.
To read some comments by his customers, you are invited to visit the Reference Page.

Men's:    Bolo Ties    Belt Buckles    Hat Conchos    Cuff links    Pendants    Rings

Every piece custom crafted by hand featuring selected gemstones and Sterling silver.
Every piece bears the maker's mark.

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