Silversmith Bruce Moffitt presents Men's Pendants.

A New Guinea Boar's Tusk set in Sterling Silver. This tusk, and the following ones, were collected by the artist during geological exploration of the Western Highlands District in the early 1970's. The height of this piece is 95 mm.
        $175.00         #252
mens pendants
This is the Battleax insignia of the famed 65th Infantry Division. It is solid Sterling Silver, and measures about 2 1/2 inches high. Note that these are one-off custom pieces, so each one will be slightly different. Shipping time will be about two weeks. I would prefer to sell these only to members of the Division and their families.
        $195.00         #324
A Sterling Silver pendant of New Mexico Obsidian. The stone size is 21x28 mm and the height of the piece is 55 mm.
        $175.00         #222
mens pendants
A large Boar's Tusk from the Western Highlands District of Papua New Guinea. The height of the piece is 100 mm. The stone is from the Pilot Mountain Mine, is 5.6 carats and measures 9x13 mm.         $185.00         #456
Another Boar's Tusk from the Western Highlands District of Papua New Guinea. The height of this piece is 98 mm and the stone, which is from the Kingman Mine in Arizona, measures 9x13 mm.         $185.00         #254
"Crotalus Rampant" This custom bolo was designed for Barney Gardner's 90th birthday. Barney is an old cohort of noted Herpetologist Roger Conant, and is a gifted amateur herpetologist in his own right. The Bolo is about 2 1/2 inches high and of solid sterling silver. These will all be one-off customs, and each will be slightly different. There will be a numbered run of 50 pieces. Shipping time about two weeks.         $275.00         #325
A Claw from the Mini-Dinosaur Velociraptor which was found in the Gobi Desert. (Museum Quality Replica). Velociraptors were pack hunters, and this was the "killing claw". 2 1/4 inch high. Set in Sterling silver.
        $145.00         #277
sterling silver pendant
Boar's Tusk from New Guinea with a nice piece of Turquoise from the Pilot Mountain Mine in Nevada set in Sterling Silver. The height of this piece is 100 mm and the stone measures 9x14 mm.
        $175.00         #253
mens pendants
This is a big Dinosaur Claw. (Museum Quality Replica). It is 9 cm., or about 3 1/2 inches long. It is set in Sterling Silver, and mounted with 5.6 carats of Morenci Turquoise. I am pleased to say that this piece has been sold.         $185.00         #283
A nice pendant of Sterling Silver featuring a large piece of African Carnelian. The height of the piece is 65 mm and the stone measures 22x30 mm.         $175.00         #263
Another Boar's tusk, and it is a big one. It is set with a piece of Kingman Turquoise from the old mines in Arizona. The Turquoise measures 14x18 mm and the piece is 126 mm in height.
        $205.00         #251


To discuss a piece, or for more information, call us at 505 286-4156

Every piece custom crafted by hand featuring selected gemstones and Sterling silver.
Every piece bears the maker's mark.

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