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Firstly let me say that the belts exceeded my already high expectations - the design and craftsmanship are exceptional - something I don't see very often in a world where attention to detail is fast becoming a lost art.
Everyone who has seen them and especially those who have handled them think the same - the high quality and uniqueness are the most common observations.
John D.
Wilsthorpe, Stamford, Lincs

I called & talked to you about pendant told me how nice it was and how pretty the turquoise stone I ordered it and received it within 3-4 days..which I was truelly impressed with..and you were sooooooooo right, it is just what I wanted and my husband loves is so beautiful..
I also had asked you about your return policy but you need not worry, we in no way want to return it...
We will remember your name and will be looking at other turquoise products you sell....
thank you for such a beautiful pendant... your work is simply awesome Bruce...
Kay M.
Shermansdale, PA

Got the package Ė Looks great
Fairfield, CA

Bruce, I canít believe I let yesterday slip by without telling you I received my ring. Itís absolutely beautiful. Everyone that has seen it comments positively. Thanks so much for the time and work.
Tom C.
Nashville, TN

Hi Bruce,
The ring is here. WOW!!!!! What a gorgeous color of lapis and striking setting. It really showcases the lapis and though it is a bigger piece than I am used to wearing it does feel comfortable and balanced on my middle finger. Just love it!. Thanks so much for letting me exchange.
Best wishes......Annie
Champlain, NY

Hello, I feel so obligated to tell you that your bracelets are amazing. My name is Katina Jones, one of the owners of a recently opened a bracelet boutique in Downtown West Palm Beach, Florida called Twist Of My Wrist Bracelet Boutique. My boutique carries a limited amount of pieces from various designers and artist from all over the world under one roof. You can view my boutique in my newsletter or from the first page of my website. Also, I am having a gallery event on March 31. This will be an evening event that will showcase all the designers bracelets and bring more attention my boutique. I would greatly appreciate if you will allow me to send you my business objective for further review.
Please contact if you would be interested in a consignment agreement to sell a couple of your bracelets in my boutique.
Katina Jones
Twist Of My Wrist Bracelet Boutique
West Palm Beach, Florida 33401

Dear Bruce,
Quick mail to say belt and documents arrived today. Fantastic piece - thanks very much.
Michael M.
Cork, Co. Cork

Hi Bruce, Pendant and necklace received today in perfect condition. Thanks, I put it on immediately and I like it. I have never worn any stone that big so I will have to get used to it starting today. I have noticed that large pendants are very fashionable now. Thanks again.
Yvonne B.
Washington, DC

Bruce, Just this afternoon I received the bolo tie. It is outstanding and my wife wholeheartedly approved.At Trezevant Manor , the retirement community where we live, we have "happy hour" on Mondays and Thurdays. Bolo ties are quite popular and I'm sure mine will well received.
Cordially, Joseph P.

Received today. Very beautiful. Thanks!!
Richard L.

Dear Bruce, THANKYOU!!! The ring is perfect!! Thank you so much for being so willing to get it "just right" for me! It is lovely, and a wonderful Christmas present. I will remember your kindness and generosity each time I proudly wear it! With a big smile, as you hoped!
I hope you all had a nice trip, and I pray you will have a blessed Christmas. I will monitor your website for more pretty stuff, and hope to hear from you again. Thank you again.
Love, Lee T.

turquoise jewelry, sterling silver Every piece custom crafted by hand featuring selected gemstones and Sterling silver.
Every piece bears the maker's mark.

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